Advanced Technology Systems

Expert accountant

ATS employs an accounting expert with a long-term higher education, having as main attributions the financial management, monitoring, evaluation, financial reporting, in the context of the implementation of activities financed by national and European funds.

Type: Full time
Level: Higher education
Country: România
City: Târgoviște
Domain: Software/Hardware

Job description

Preparation of financial statements;

Elaboration of the expenses statements: the analysis of the eligibility of the project expenses and the continuous monitoring of the fulfillment of the eligibility conditions provided by the legislation in force;

Special accounts management: regular reports on analytical records of projects funded by national and European funds, corroborated with the relevant legislation, including specialized consultancy in drafting the technical and financial reports of the projects;

Preparation of specific works of analytical evidence of projects financed by national and European funds, corroborated with the legislation in the field;

Analysis of the project's actions, respectively of the realized and reported expenditures;

Training and experience in the following areas

University studies in economics or computer science;

Knowledge of English (written and spoken);

Experience in implementing and managing projects funded by national and European funds;

Certified accountant attestation issued by C.E.C.C.A.R.