Advanced Technology Systems

2D Barcode Encoding / Decoding Application for Accessing Web Services on Mobile Phones / Platforms - CODE2MOB

Contract No.: CNMP 11-047/18.09.2007

Submission Code: PO-04-Ed3-R1-F5

Contacting Authority: UEFISCDI

Coordinator: SIPS DESIGN – DEVA

Partner 1: Advanced Technology Systems

Partner 2: Universitatea Politehnica Timișoara

About the project

The "Application to Encode / Decode 2D Bar Codes for Accessing Web Services on Mobile Phones / Mobile Platforms" project aimed at developing and deploying a decoding platform for mobile devices capable of accessing web services using 2D barcodes, of two innovative demonstration products based on this platform.

2D codes are read using the camera of the mobile phone and decoded, and based on the information obtained, Web services are accessed in an SOA architecture.

The 2D Code Decoder has been developed in Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME), and uses an original algorithm developed by the project to capture and decode DataMatrix Codes.

The decoder can run on any platform with J2ME support, either independently or integrated into more complex applications, tested on various types of mobile devices, and is fully functional.