Advanced Technology Systems

Intelligent decision support system for the low voltage grid with distribution power generation from renewable energy resources - INDESEN

Contract No.: 42 din 02/07/2012

Submission Code: PN-II-PT-PCCA-2011-3.2-1616

Contracting Authority: UEFISCDI

Coordinator: Universitatea Valahia din Târgoviște

Partner 1: Advanced Technology Systems

Partner 2: Universitea Politehnica Bucureşti

About the project

The InDeSEn project aims to optimize energy consumption and generation in a low-voltage (RJT) network with distributed generation from renewable energy sources (PD SER) by designing and implementing an intelligent monitoring, prediction and control platform.

The added value of the project is the creation and implementation of a smart decision support system (INDESEN), dedicated to a SRA RJT. It integrates decision theory and concepts of artificial intelligence into monitoring, supervision, prediction, and control actions and enables its users, through the information provided, to control the power consumption of devices used to reduce billed costs, carbon emissions, energy demand in peak periods and efficient use of RES.

The application will be accessible to any interested user and will provide both general information as well as technical information about RJT with PD SER. Validation of the proposed web-based software tool will be done on an experimental model of RJT with PD SER. The innovative character and complexity of the project are given by the integration of artificial intelligence elements in the prediction of energy consumption and the amount of energy in SER products.