Advanced Technology Systems

Research on creating an experimental model of a virtual mobile learning network with real-time access to knowledge and learning, using communication technologies and wireless terminal devices – MOBNET

Contract No.: CNMP 12-087/2008

Submission Code: PO-04-Ed3-R1-F5

Contracting authority: UEFISCDI

Coordinator: Universitatea de Apărare Națională Carol I, București

Partner 1: SIVECO Romania

Partner 2: Advanced Technology Systems

Partner 3: Expert Trade Company

Partner 4: Institutul de Cercetari pentru Inteligenta Artificiala

About the project

The mobile knowledge management system can be used in any economic sector as a way of assisting mobile users' accessibility both in terms of cost and use.

Mobile content can be downloaded as SCORM packages, this being the first mobile system that facilitates the export of standardized educational resources. The results of the project can be implemented both at a general level (eg for knowledge management within public and private organizations) and at a specific level (eg Facilitation of learning / training). The domains targeted are mLearning and mBusiness.