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Beaconing @ ASME 2016

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On August 22, 2016, took place the 36th edition of the Conference "International Design Technical Engineering & Computers & Information in Engineering" organized by ASME, in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America. During the session: CIE-25-1 VES: Game Ecosystems in Engineering, ATS participated with the paper: Approaches to Reengineering Digital Games, written by: Antoniu Stefan (ATS), Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge (BIBA) and Ioana Stanescu (ATS).
The paper aimed to present some pervasive and gamified concepts, such as: the potential of contextual learning and motivating the use of modern technologies such as: GPS locations, WiFi hotspot, electronic devices such as the Beacon; how to use pervasive technologies in order to increase the user's creativity; issues regarding adaptable content that may arise during the product design process in gamified or game-based environments.

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