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Beaconing @ Targoviste City Days

This weekend was a special one for the people from Targoviste, as it was celebrated the Day of the City. The three-day celebration, provided wonderful opportunities for visitors to experience the medieval arts, crafts, music, food and demonstrations of all kinds. Within this traditional celebration, on 6 September, ATS presented the Beaconing platform tools, by creating an interactive gamified lesson, where players had the opportunity to discover Targoviste City in a different way. The content of the gamified lesson was focused on the history, the architecture and the personalities of the city. The story presented in the gamified lesson started from a very well know archaeologist and his disciple, who accidentally opened a mysterious portal. After that, the time stopped and player, in the role of the disciple, was asked to follow a path by reading some clues, in order to close the portal and to restart the time once again. In each Point of Interest (location), the game provided useful information that the player could use and the end, in the “Test your knowledge” part of the game, created with the help of the Beaconing mini games.