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Beaconing @ Târgoviște Cultural Heritage

On December 14, 2019, the Cultural-Educational Association Ambassadors of Friendship in collaboration with ATS organized an interactive session with students and teachers from Răcari, Dâmbovița county, to present the old houses in Târgoviște and to draw attention to the valorization of the cultural heritage.
In addition of presenting the history of the old houses and the importance of these heritage houses, the session included also a location based game, made using the Beaconing platform. The name of the game were a suggestive one: Hidden Histories, testimonies from the past. The students had a route with five points of interest, representing different houses included in the presentation session of the event. At each point of interest, students and teachers were able to discover lesser-known information about heritage houses.

The game can be accessed here Targoviste Cultural Heritage