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RNYN - Rural NEET Youth Network Project

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The project aims to create a European multidisciplinary network, which will include countries with a high rate of rural youth, who are not professionally employed and do not follow any educational or training program (NEET). The network of young NEETs in rural areas (RNYN) aims to create a research model, based on the bioecological model and focuses on understanding the risk of social exclusion and identifying the protective factors of young NEETs in rural areas. The project focuses on three specific goals:
  • Upholding future research capability, with an emphasis on the persons identified through
    the COST Programme as a part of Early Career Investigators (ECI) and Target Countries, regarding
    inclusion (ITC);
  • Creating a rural NEET’s online observatory;
  • Fostering knowledge use by policy makers and practitioners.
The RNYN work plan will be implemented by 3 working groups. It will contribute to the definition of a coherent model for future research, based on an intensive survey, on national and transnational trends, on profiles and support systems for young rural NEETs as well as on best practices. methodological and intervention in the field.
ATS is a partner in the RNYN project.