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VIE – Virtual Presence in Higher Education Hybrid Learning Delivery aims to fill in the need in the educational sector for high engagement virtual collaboration environments that foster real-time group work from a distance allowing students to concurrently work on joint projects through joint virtual working spaces that all team members may update concurrently for sharing and building on each other's ideas in a manner that simulates face-to-face work on a common blackboard. The service will be a flexible digital enabler that will allow educators to adapt the ratio of on-line to face-to-face learning based on evolving educational needs.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • development of virtual collaborative environments for higher education sector, which promotes teamwork, in real time from distance. Through these collaborative environments, students can work on joint projects simultaneously.
  • adaption of the online and face-to-face learning process, based on the present and future educational needs of the students. Specifically, these virtual environments will allow students to co-operate remotely on face-to-face projects.
  • development of a methodological approach for learning and promoting learning in digital environments, in addition to learning in classical environments and providing problem-based learning models.

Project informations

No. Grant: KA226-A280C010
Co-funded: Erasmus+
Coordinator: Tallinn University
Academic partners: Thessaly University, Vigo University, Tampere University
Industry partners: PA College Limited, Advanced Technology Systems

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