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The Accounting application is developed in accordance with the legislation, the Accounting Law, the Methodological Norms regarding the organization and management of the accounting activity of the Public institutions and with the Accounting Plan for Public institutions and the instructions for its application, approved by the Order MF 1917/2005 with the subsequent modifications, so that all the reports that will be obtained will comply with the regulations provided by law and in the format required by the standard.
The application offers easy and open access for the end users, at any time of the day, to the synthetic balance and analytical verification, of the balance sheet, as well as of the situations regarding the profit and loss accounts, with the possibility of recovering them until the closing of the month.
The application uses and exchange data with other applications.

Main objective

The main objective of the application is to keep the financial-accounting records, allowing data collection, maintenance, importing documents from other modules, importing balances, closing the financial year, reopening the financial year, etc.

The specific objectives of the Accounting application are:

  • Operation of simple and compound accounting notes of the type "account to the following (%)" or "following (%) to the account";
  • Generating reports for the account file, detailed by the supplier, client, debtor or third party, for a selected account;
  • Definition of accounting monographs (types of predefined accounts);
  • Generating periodically and automatically a user-configured accounting note;
  • Managing the closing notes with the possibility of automatic closure of the income and expenditure accounts, according to the configuration established by the user.