Agricultural register

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The Agricultural register application ensures consultation of archives with data recorded in previous periods and issuing various general situations or on certain chapters of the Agricultural Register. It ensures and centralizes, within the deadlines established by law, the data on the obtained results and executes the reporting, according to the format requested by the County Statistics Directorates.
The Agricultural Register allows the registration of all the data required by law on the households, their composition and the statistical data related to the agriculture of the localities, in accordance with the O.G no. 28/2008, with the subsequent amendments and completions and the Technical Norms for completing the agricultural register for the period 2010 - 2014, approved by the Common Order of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Minister of Public Finance, the Minister of Administration and Interior and the President of the National Institute of Statistics no. 95 / 1,998 / 153/3241.

Main objective

The main purpose of the Agricultural Register application is to organize information on households, lands, cultivated areas, livestock, etc., on time intervals according to the legislation for the stated period, including the management of statistical and summary information.

The specific objectives of the Agricultural register applciation are:

  • Completion, updating and centralization of agricultural register data;
  • Ensuring the recording of primary records, regarding members of households, land by categories of use, areas cultivated with the main crops, number of trees by species, number of animals by species and categories, herds of cattle (of which buffaloes), pigs, sheep, goats and horses;
  • Registration of residential buildings, household constructions and machinery, agricultural installations and existing means of transport;
  • Warning users regarding the obligation to declare the data for registration in the Agricultural register;
  • Keeping the records of the titles of property;
  • Maintenance of the database on the census and movement of members of the household, animals, trees, vineyards, machinery, means of transport and crops;