Online payment

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The Online payment application is the web module of the ATLAS - Local taxes application and is developed according to the stipulations of the Government Ordinance no. 24 of January 30, 2002 by which the Public Administration has the obligation to ensure the implementation of an electronic system for collecting local taxes and fees, in each city and municipality. The authorities of the Public Administration have the obligation to take all the necessary measures, so that the payment of local taxes and fees can be made through the electronic system.

Main objective

The application offers taxpayers the opportunity to obtain information, via the Internet, regarding the taxes applied. Thus, finding information about the status of roles or payments made for a particular person is much easier, each taxpayer being able to access their own information.

The specific objectives of the Online payment application are:

  • Increase the level of revenue collection to the local budget;
  • Operational tracking and execution of local budget;
  • Simplification of the traditional bureaucratic system of the Romanian fiscal system;
  • Reduced effort and time by taxpayers;
  • Reducing corruption in the tax system;
  • The real possibility of issuing, on the spot, the fiscal documents attesting the payment;
  • Internet access and electronic payment via telebanking.