Residential estate record

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The organization and the records of the residential estate department within the institution are managed with the help of the Residential estate record application.
The application presents a list of the people who have benefited from living spaces, existing in the database, the information being organized in tabular form similar to the Excel application. This allows an efficient organization and retrieval of the information stored in the database.

Main objective

The main objective of the Residential estate record application is to keep the records of the files for the allocation of housing but also of the requests regarding the transcription of the rental contracts, the exchanges of housing, space entrances and extensions within the same housing unit, in order to solve them.

The specific objectives of the application are:

  • The record of the requests for living space according to O.G. no. 19/1994, including their archiving;
  • The record of the requests for housing space according to Law 114/1996, including their archiving;
  • The record of the residential estate provided by authorities and the rental contracts;
  • Evidence of priority lists;
  • Evidence of applications for the allocation of residential estate;
  • Evidence of requests for the parking garages;
  • Evidence of requests for temporary accommodation;
  • The record of the extension requests;
  • Evidence of applications for housing assignment to families evacuated from relocated housing.