Clerk office

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The Clerk office application of the ATLAS integrated system aims to track and record marriages, births and deaths in an administrative-territorial unit.
Through this application, the management of the information is performed for the following type of data: documents, certificates, family booklet, etc.

Main objective

The main objective of the Clerk office application is the registration of official documents as well as the correct and complete management of the population records.

The specific objectives of the Clerk office application are:

  • Editing, updating, identifying by first and last name, the date of the civile status, the date about birth, death, etc;
  • Extracting, respectively filling in the individual and statistical data reporting forms;
  • Adding three types of documents and certificates (birth certificate, marriage certificate death certificate)
  • Adding to the database the persons for marriage (early marriage data);
  • Managing data on birth, marriage, death certificates, issued through birth / marriage / death certificate records.