Minimum income

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Modulul Minimum income manages the income per family member and the income for the whole family. It is possible to manage the social surveys that have been carried out and which will be carried out with the possibility of generating the necessary specific reports.

Main objective

The main objective of the Minimum income application is the management of the characteristic files for the persons who request a guaranteed minimum income.

The specific objectives of the application are:

  • The record of the allowence files;
  • Holder's data record;
  • Family members data record, with the possibility of highlighting the number of family members;
  • The record of the persons who work or non-workers;
  • Evidence of the parental situation or single parent allowances;
  • The complete record of the social assistance files, of the data of the holder, of the data of the family members, the amount of aid, the family income of the persons who work or non-working persons;
  • The emergency aid record according to the law no. 416/2001;
  • Record of aid for house heating with wood, coal and petroleum fuels according to OUG.NR.5 / 2003.