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The Pay application manages the salary data specific to each organizational structure of an entity, aiming to manage the data regarding the positions in the position state with the possibility of issuing reports on them.

Main objective

The main objective of the Pay application is to keep the records of the personnel functions, with the employee-function association and to create the hierarchy of employees.

The specific objectives of the Pay application are:

  • Employee records with the administration of the information for each person;
  • Highlighting the time-sheets on the employees, following the actual working days, holidays, personal appointments, overtime, defined in calendars;
  • Salary registration and calculation;
  • Calculation of the gross salary starting from the net salary and vice versa;
  • Automatic calculation of the percentage of seniority in work;
  • The record of the expenses with the salaries with their classification within the approved budgetary limits;
  • Tracking payroll grids and highlighting taxes, bonuses, advances, bonuses, deductions, deductions;
  • Granting bonuses, or other income in net amount or gross amount.