Commitments, validation, authorization of payment and payments - ALOP

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The Commitments, validation, authorization of payment and payments application it is used to introduce, write, maintain and track the documents following a specific flow. The records and follow-up of the work are in accordance with the steps described by OMF 1792/2002 with the subsequent modifications and Order no. 3421/2008 for the approval of the Methodological Norms regarding the employment, liquidation, ordering and payment of the expenses of the public institutions, as well as the organization, recording and reporting of the budgetary and legal commitments.

Main objective

The application aims to manage and store information for: budget credits, budget commitments, legal commitments and payment schedules.

The specific objectives of the application are:

  • Preparing the situation regarding ALOP on compound chapters and tracking the expenses on budget items;
  • Automatic generation of numbers for the proposal of commitment, draft and ordering commitment;
  • Displaying warnings for exceeding budget credits with or without the possibility of continuing to exceed;
  • Offering mechanisms for managing and tracking payment orders;
  • The association between payment and ordering;
  • Reversal of proposals for defining an expense.