Judiciary actions

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Whether we refer to Public Administration or companies, the activity of the legal department is largely focused on representing the institution as a component part of the court.
It is essential that the institution, regardless of its position in a legal action - appellant or defendant - has a clear and easy to manage record of legal documents.
The Judiciary actions application specific to the Legislative - Contentious - Administrative subdomain allows the integration of the records of the processes that are in the role and the record of the internal and external works in which the compartment is involved and which can lead to the preparation of files.

Main objective

The main objective of the Judiciary Actions application is the record of the offenders and the legal files that are in the role, the internal and external works, the minors, the persons under interdiction and the persons with disabilities.

The specific objectives of the application are:

  • Calling to court and the specific documents ;
  • Participation in the promotion of administrative acts and the formulation of legal points of view for the departments of the institution;
  • Evidence of new normative acts.