Document management

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The Document management application enables the organization and localization of documents stored on different devices to support work in progress, including content creation and sharing within an organization.

Main objective

The Document management application aims to increase the efficiency of the managerial-decision-making process by obtaining the necessary information, in real time, at all levels: strategical, functional and operational.

The specific objectives of the Document management application are:

  • Administration and processing the internal and external documents of an institution;
  • Reducing internal financial efforts;
  • Increasing the efficiency of the institution by increasing the speed of feedback of the users within the established deadlines;
  • Possibility of defining documents from different locations (entries: Registry, Manager, etc.);
  • Real-time tracking of the processing level of the document;
  • Reducing the time of defining a document;
  • Standardized entry forms;
  • Document security;
  • Accelerate document processing and decision making;
  • Creating a custom user's agenda;
  • Dividing into several types of registers.