Social assistance

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The Social assistance application provides an integrated system for assisting the process of granting different types of social assistance, facilitating the management of the registered files, generating the amounts granted and paying these amounts to the social assistance beneficiaries. The Social assistance application allows the tracking and recording of the persons assisted, by retaining personal data, the data about the certificate, as well as the data about possible facilities granted to the person.

Main objective

The main objective of the Social assistance applciation is the management of social assistance requests and aid payments.

The specific objectives of the Social assistance application are:

  • Accompanying persons tracking;
  • Highlighting the amounts for people with disabilities;
  • Registration of the request for social assistance from the holder;
  • Monitoring the activity of users within this type of help;
  • Making situations for the Treasury, for raising in a day the money needed to pay several types of aid;
  • The connection with the other applications of the ATLAS integrated system and is also open to interoperability with applications developed by other providers.