CFP register

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The C.F.P. register application allows the maintenance of the data from the register of preventive financial control and verifies the legality and regularity of the operations carried out on the patrimony of the institution, before their approval. The performance of the application can be highlighted by its interoperability with the Accounting application and Budget management application, Document Management and Electronic Archiving applications.

Main objective

The application aims to ensure financial management, in terms of legality, economics and efficiency of funds. Preventive financial control consists of systematically verifying the projects in question.

The specific objectives of the C.F.P. register application are:

  • Definition and introduction of any type of document that is subject to the C.F.P regime;
  • Taking data from Accounting application;
  • Declaration of several C.F.P. records by users and with C.F.P rights;
  • Multicriteria search within the C.F.P. as well as in its archives;
  • Checks numbering by users and institutions;
  • Automatic generation of unique registration number within the register;
  • Integration with the Document management application in order to grant the C.F.P. a correlation with the primary document required;
  • Control of documents based on electronic signature.