Building permits

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The Bulding permits application that includes certificates of urbanism, construction, demolition, of the ATLAS application aims to carry out the activities of control and management of the process of defining the building permits, urban planning certificates and reporting to other institutions (Statistics Department, Construction Inspection) the data required.
The application aims to ensure the best flow of documentation between departments, having as main functionalities the registration, preparation, defining and management in registry form the requests for authorizations.

Main objective

The main objective of the application is the management of the data on the building permits and the urban planning certificates through the registry records.

The specific objectives of the application are:

  • Records and verifies the requests for the urban planning certificate;
  • Identifies the object of the request from the location plan through the cadastral plan;
  • Identifies the type of building work;
  • Validation of the request for the building permit;
  • Registration of the building request;
  • Automatically user warning in case of irregularities when preparing documents;
  • Automatic generation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports.