Aquisitions & Investment

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The Aquisition and investment management application manages the organization and the records of the projects and investments within an institution, the records of the acquisitions within the institution, generating automatically fields of all the auction documents after completing the mandatory fields. The application aims to organize the information in tabular form similar to the Excel application. This allows an efficient organization and retrieval of the information stored in the database. The application is designed to work in multi-user mode, with several operators being able to work at the same time without diminishing the performance of the program.

Main objective

The main objective of the application is the organization of the records of the aquisitions and investment projects, following the introduction of the documents related to the acquisitions and investments and the management of the specific documents.

The specific objectives of the application are:

  • Collection, display and management of the data for an investment report and for aquisitions;
  • Managing files for various specifications for investments and acquisitions;
  • Configuring and managing bidders and their bids according to the selected purchase;
  • Tracking the execution of each position in the quotation, by data and the time of the situation remained to be performed;