Vocal system

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The Vocal system application for Public Administration include a set of integrated hardware and software solutions, developed to improve the quality of communication between the public institutions and citizens.
The application include two main components: Call Center allows the management of the call list, incoming messages, folders and replies and Management includes options for managing the phonebook, listings, and reports.

Main objective

The main objective of the application is to inform the taxpayers about the amount of taxes and taxes due to the Local Public Administration, as well as the taking and sending voice messages from and to citizens.

The specific objectives of the application are:

  • Tracking the route of a caller both in real time and after the operation;
  • Interrogation and consultation of taxes and fees by phone, informing the taxpayers about the amount of taxes and taxes due and the payment methods. Notifying citizens about the remaining payment;
  • Providing information about the addresses and the phone numbers, at the public program of work and on the audience program of the subordinate directions of the Public Administration, specialized information grouped by sections, data about the remaining payment of the taxpayers and information about the facilities available to citizens;
  • Sending of verbal requests addressed to a department of Public Administration;