Human resources

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The Human resources application allows the defining of a complete record of the personnel within the administrative unit. The application manages information related to the degree of preparation, the specializations, as well as the personnel competences.

Main objective

The main objective of the Human resources application is to keep the records of the employees. The personnel management is done both centrally and separately, with the possibility of centralizing the data for generating specific situations.

The specific objectives of the Human resources application are:

  • Personnel data management, organizational structure, organizational chart;
  • Complete personnel records, with the possibility of quickly consulting the data and making the necessary situations;
  • Record of job descriptions / functions for each employee;
  • Entering and managing personal recruitment data;
  • Introduce the personnel evaluations according to the type of employee, as well as the listing of the information of the evaluated personnel and of those without an evaluation, as well as the lists with the people who have requested a litigation to an evaluation;
  • Employee records with the management of personal data and their generation in the electronic register of employees;
  • Generating the professional file of the employee;
  • The record of the disciplinary situation of the employee;
  • The record of the medical holidays, of the holidays with the possibility of recording their programming;